Buying Android Smartphone

google_android_phoneSmartphones that are run with android operating system are still loved by people worldwide until now. It’s not surprising; since that OS is open source, anyone (developers) can develop and create applications for android to then distribute them very easily.  This way, there are then thousands applications created that can be downloaded by android devices users.

That is only one of the excellences of android phone. The others are still many, like the wide screen, the easiness in accessing internet, the multitasking feature, the more storage, etc. Talking about android smartphone, what are the tips on buying it?

First, check the specifications. Android phone, as a smartphone offers complete features and high qualified specifications. To find the best, just make a list some of android phones and check one by one. Check started from the dimension / screen, weight, display, sound, memory capacity, camera, the android OS version, CPU, etc. Just match with your needs.

Having too many data will be saved later; including android applications you will download you need to buy one that provides high memory capacity. If you want to use the android phone later for running a small business, you need to check the CPU; at least it must be dual core to be able to do multitasking. So is about the android OS version; the newer is certainly the better.

Second, check the manufacturer / vendor. Unlike other smartphones, android smartphones are loved by many manufacturers worldwide. It’s not surprising if since android OS has been introduced, android devices never stop being produced. Samsung is one of them. Just choose manufacturer you like.

In addition, talking about android application, later if you want to have certain applications but you have no ability to make them, you can contact Mobidev team. They’re software developers, including developer of android application. Just ask them about the cost of android app development service they offer.

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